Games of Thrones

Games of Thrones

by George R. R. Martin.

This book is some real deal. It is like the best book ever. I think it is the most heavy and longest book I have ever read. Yeah, even larger than the Human fucking Legacy from History that we’ve gotten to read for two years in a row now and basically it has all the History you need to know for your whole life and the next 4 reencarnations if you believe in so.

But, what’s great about such a big book?

Besides being a great physical exercise, while you read Games of Thrones you will be breaking your mind into pieces thinking how the author will kill your favorite character next. Why do I say that? Because if someone had the guts to kill the main character, being the best person in a fucked up world such as that one, they will kill anyone.

It is not killing the only thing involved but many other more characteristics that made my nails suffer from my anxiety and teeth. Robert Stark gets involved by his best friend into the ruling of the most great empire ever. Why? The King wants more free time for getting wasted an practicing adultery with as many women as he can count.

Things start getting twisted while the story goes by, while you realize that the Queen and her brother are involved in a relationship based on incest, a one that created a bastard, a real bastard in all senses, and made The King believe it was a son of his. Soon the characters who get to know this will be ready to had their head cut off with the help of the most incredible traitors and, basically, assholes.

This a great reading material. There are by now  5 books about 700 or 800 pages and I can tell that every single cent you put into buying them is really worth it.

Alex Álvarez Bravo



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